iLive MixPad. V1.8 and Multicast. Meters freezing on Surface and/or Editor
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  • Editor freezes and ‘system busy’ messages appear on the laptop screen.
  • The meters on the Surface freeze briefly then catch up.

Make sure the Multicast option is ON in the MixPad tab of the iPad SETTINGS menu.

Check that your router supports Multicast operation
and is set for best performance.
Read more about the router requirements below.

Q:  What is 'Multicast'?

AMulticast is a way of delivering messages across a network. In normal circumstances a single message is sent from one device to another device across a network,
a one-to-one transmission that checks that each device has received it correctly before sending to the next device. This is known as Unicast.

Multicast is a method that allows a single message from one device to be copied and sent to many devices at the same time across a network,
a 'one-to-many' transmission that does not wait for each device to confirm receipt of it.
Multicast is very useful for media and data streaming across networks.

:  How does this affect me?

A:  The MixPad handles a very large amount of metering data. If your iPad slows down or loses connection,
for example through wireless interference or going out of range of the router by walking behind a pillar,
then the meters on the Surface can slow down too while the MixRack waits for a response from the MixPad.
Using Multicast for meter transmission prevents the MixPad affecting the response at the Surface.

:  Can I use any wireless router?

A:  No. For fastest and most reliable performance you need a router that is Multicast capable.
With MixPad multicast enabled, the router has extra work to do.  This overhead can exceed the processing power of
older or less capable wireless routers and
make your MixPad application slower to use, or in the worst case not work at all.

Every time MixPad wants to start listening to multicast metering it "joins" a multicast group.
Multicast compliant routers query and listen for group membership information and only send data to connections which need it.
This capability lowers the overhead on the router.

:  What wireless router should I use?

A:  The router is an important part of the iLive system.  
Investing in a modern router that has a high specification and good processing power will help you get
the best performance and speed from your iLive, particularly if you are running multiple controllers.

However, manufacturer specifications can be vague when it comes to Multicast.

Some routers that claim to be Multicast compliant may have only partial implementation of this or not handle it correctly.

Others that do not mention it may in fact work correctly with Multicast traffic. Those that specify IGMP snooping are most likely to be compliant.
Our advice is to look for a high end consumer unit that mentions media streaming, and look for the following:

  • Choose a respected brand and ensure it has the latest version of firmware,
  • Multicast capable (These are usually the ones designed for media and data streaming)
  • IGMP snooping V1 / V2 (this usually means the router can work with Multicast),
  • Wireless-N (802.11n),
  • 'Auto' channel select and Dual-Band are also indicators of a router with modern specification,
  • Good wireless range (Some may also let you use higher power external antennas for greater range)

There are many different makes and models of wireless routers available and testing them all would be difficult at best.  The majority are not multicast capable.
Allen & Heath have tested and recommend the following wireless router, with the latest firmware available from the hardware manufacturer:

  • Belkin PLAY MAX N600 HD (Also referred to as F7D4401v1)

Allen & Heath will continue to test additional models but the above works correctly with iLive Editor and a MixPad both connected wirelessly to a MixRack with physical Surface also connected.
Please let us know if you find other models that prove to work well with MixPad and we will add them to the list.

Q:  Where can I learn more?

A:  If you need further assistance with your MixPad, please contact your local Allen & Heath Distributor for technical support.

We hope this helps.

There are plenty of web resources that can provide tips and information on working with wireless networks.
One example here:




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