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xDR-16. Expander not connecting?
Posted by Carey Davies, Last modified by on 01 March 2011 06:03 PM
  • Check the CAT5 cable links the Master MixRack Port B ACE link1 or Link2 to the xDR Port A ACE.
  • Check the short Network Bridge cable is plugged in at Master Port B.
  • Check the Master Port B Redundant Link setting is Off using the MIXRACK SETUP / Mixer Pref / Port A/B Setup screen.
  • Check the MixRack and xDR expanders have unique but compatible IP addresses.

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Up to two xDR-16 expanders may be added to any iLive MixRack via an ACE option card fitted to its Port B.


Note -

The xDR must connect to the MixRack

The MixRack Port B must be fitted with ACE

The ACE Redundant Link option must be set to off. Check this in the Surface MIXRACK SETUP / Mixer Pref / Port A/B Setup screen or Editor Setup / Mixer Preferences menu.

A MixRack NETWORK port must be bridged to the ACE card BRIDGE socket using the short CAT5 cable provided.

Use ACE card Link 1 to connect the first xDR expander. Use Link 2 to connect the second xDR.

The xDR expanders must have compatible but unique IP addresses.  They will not connect if addresses are incompatible or identical.
The easiest way to work with the xDR is to use the default reset network addresses.

If you are connecting two xDR-16 expanders then change the IP address and Unit Name of one before connecting the second.
Each xDR expander must have a unique Unit Name.

The xDR looks for a MixRack with default IP address.  It connects automatically if it finds it. 
If the MixRack has a different IP address you will need to add the xDR expander manually.
To do this go to the Surface UTILITY / Network / Expander Setup screen or Editor Setup menu / Expander Setup page.

Patching Inputs:

To patch single inputs use the channel PREAMP screen.

To patch a range of inputs use the Surface MIXRACK SETUP / Mixer Pref / Quick Input Source Select screen.

Patching Outputs:

Use the OUTPUTS / Port B ACE screen to locate and patch to the xDR XLR and Port B outputs. If you are using the xDR Port B then you can change which block of 8 ACE channels to feed the XLR sockets. Choose this in the MIXER SETUP / Mixer Pref / Expanders screen or Editor Setup Mixer Preferences menu.

For more information please see  xDR Expander Getting Started Guide, download here


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