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How to use a post-fade aux to feed an FX unit
Posted by Ben Morgan, Last modified by on 15 November 2010 12:27 PM
 1. Connect Aux output to FX input.

2. Connect FX output to either a stereo channel input, or a mono channel input. It depends if you have or want the FX to be in stereo. Consult the FX unit handbook. This channel is now called the FX return channel.

3. To send a channel signal to the FX - if required set the grey pre/post switch on the channel Aux to Post. Now turn up the channel Aux send to send signal to the Aux master.

4. Turn up the Aux master to send the signal out to the FX unit.

5. Bring up the stereo channel fader to send the FX signal to the main mix.

a. The input gains of all channels, including the FX return channel, must be set so that the loudest signal peaks just light the yellow LED in the channel meter.

b. The Aux send on the return channel must be turned right down or you will get feedback.

c. You can turn up the Aux send on any channel to send that signal to the FX unit. The higher you have a channel Aux 5 send turned up, the more FX that channel will get. Use the channel sends to dial in the required amount of FX for each channel.

d. The position of the return channel fader determines the total amount of FX in the main mix.