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iLive. Touch screen computer SBC connection failed to surface and rack.
Posted by Chris Panks, Last modified by on 19 August 2010 12:24 PM

Surface and rack seem to work OK but the touch screen computer cannot connect to them.

The surface and rack are connected and functioning normally. This is usual as they do not need the touch screen computer.
The touch screen computer is telling you that it cannot connect to the surface and rack.  Check the following: -

1. Connect a laptop running the DL5000SystemManager.exe in the firmware bundle. 
Connect the laptop to a surface network socket with a suitable IP address.
The laptop is now functioning as a touch screen computer.

If it connects to surface and rack, this indicates that ther is a problem with the touch screen computer,
its network socket, the internal network cable or the controller PCB network socket.

To locate the fault, connect the laptop running DL5000 like so: -

a) Unplug the internal network cable from the touch screen computer and plug it into the laptop.
    If the laptop connects,the problem is with the touch screen computer.

b) If the laptop does not connect, unplug the internal network cable from the laptop
    and the controller PCB and use a new cable.  If it connects, the problem is with the internal cable.

c) If the laptop does not connect with a proven good internal cable,
    the problem is with the controller PCB socket, network switch or CPU.

If the laptop shows the same screen message as the touch screen,
the problem could be with the controller PCB network switch or the CPU circuitry on the controller PCB.

If this unit has had more than one apparent touch screen computer failure
then swap out the controller PCB rather than continue to 'chew' touch screen computers.

If possible, try one of the apparently failed touch screen computers in another unit to
make sure they have indeed failed; the symptom could be caused by a duff controller PCB.