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iLive. Dual-Rack V1.61
Posted by Leon Phillips, Last modified by on 05 March 2010 09:39 AM

With iLive modular, and V1.61 firmware, when connecting two MixRacks together for Dual-MixRack function,
do the Network Bridge jumpers need to be connected with ACE & Network in each of the MixRacks?
Would seem that ACE would need the control function on each MixRack for Dual use.

To get the second rack joined up as a slave it has to be on the network, if you find it convenient to use the network bridge jumpers (using ACE in port-B) then fine.
They all have to have complimentary IP addresses or it could crash, the easiest way to do that is to probably change the IP address and name of the master rack from its default address
(which is likely to be same as the default in the slave-to-be) to something like

Then you can use the Dual-Rack utility to add-in and configure the slave rack.
(it gets inspected first to make sure it has the right firmware, portB kit, IP, & name).
Of course you can use EtherSound or MADI to link the racks.

Interestingly, port-A becomes fully available on the slave rack in this mode, so we can have some fun with that, like using it to join to a monitor system in future :)



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