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iLive Editor. Two x Editor on One system. V1.60 Dual-Rack mode
Posted by Leon Phillips, Last modified by on 19 February 2010 09:54 AM

You can run two computers with iLive Editor software onto an iLive system 
[but not 2 x iLive Editor sessions on 1 laptop].

We are preparing information for V1.6 and this will be available shortly.
basically it allows two MixRacks to connect to one surface.  
So you could have 2 x iDR-48 = 96 XLR channels to the mix!

You could have an iDR-16 at FOH for patching and an iDR-48 for the stage I/O.

Basic rules:
MixRack A is the master and has 64 channels of processing and 32 mixes plus 8 FX
MixRack B is a slave and has 64 channels of processing (starting at #65) and has no local outputs,
it links via portB to MixRack A where the busses and PAFL are joined. MixRack B FX are redundant.

XLRS on MixRack B will not patch to input channels 1-64,
and MixRack A XLR will not patch to channels #65-128.

This will be tricky to set up with IP and naming being critical.
V1.6 is a trial run for 'Dual-MixRack' operation and we will review how it goes for customers.

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