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XONE:4D. Configuring Atomix Virtual DJ software
Posted by Al Crombie, Last modified by on 05 January 2010 03:42 PM
I've just got a XONE:4D and I need help mapping it for Virtual DJ.
I understand zero about midi mapping... I've read the user's manual but i still don't understand... 

For Virtual DJ Pro v6
Connect the XONE:4D to the host system via USB

Open the application and click on the CONFIG tab at the top right of the main Virtual DJ GUI;

this opens the SETTINGS dialogue
To set up the XONE:4D soundcard for Virtual DJ Pro.
1. Click on the SOUND SETUP tab

2. Set the INPUTS option to NONE for playback of audio files stored on the system hard drive or,
if you're using time encoded media, select the required TIMECODE option

3. Set the OUTPUTS option to 3-LINES MIXER and set the desired soundcard routing option
to suit your style/mixer set up from the drop down menu options

4. Select ASIO DRIVER for the SOUND CARD option and
enable "XONE:4D USB ASIO driver" from drop down menu options.
The ASIO CONFIG... tab opens the driver control panel for adjusting your
XONE:4D soundcard sample rate and system audio buffer settings. 

If your system is well optimised for pro-audio use, you may also be able to
achieve lower latency by checking the ULTRA-LATENCY ASIO option.

To map the XONE4D MIDI controls in Virtual DJ Pro:
1. Click on the MAPPERS tab in the SETTINGS dialogue

2. Select "Simple MIDI wrapper" from the drop down menu

3. Use the "+" tab to add new control key functions to your VDJ MIDI map

4. Use the "Action-Learn" to assign the required parameter 'action' to new (or existing) keys,
or manually enter the VDJ script, refering to the "See also" options.

5. Use the "Key-Learn" to assign the desired XONE:4D MIDI controller to each key's 'action' 
6. Click on the OK tab once you finish mapping your MIDI controls,
the application should retain the map until settings are changed, or amended.

 We hope this helps to get you started with using the XONE:4D with VDJ. 
For more detailed info on Virtual DJ, please refer to the application User Guide, Help files,
the Atomix customer support dept., or User Forums at:

For technical inquiries relating specifically to Allen & Heath hardware, please submit a support ticket