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iLive. GVISION External Touch Screen Compatibility
Posted by Chris Panks, Last modified by Chris Panks on 07 January 2016 10:44 AM

This is an update of the article published in Dec 2009.

We ceased support of external touch screens in 2010.

The problem is there are multiple Linux distributions in use in different series of iLive, which makes getting a specific 3rd party external touch screen driver to work on all models very difficult, especially when the distributions are from different vendors and span several years in time.

We use custom rolled kernels in most models, so the stock drivers you will get from most external touch manufacturers will not work, and need to be compiled from source against our kernel version.

With the arrival of Editor, and then Mixpad most customers' need for this feature declined – we don’t seem to get that many requests any more.

There are also some advantages to using a laptop running editor, maybe with a large touch screen attached to the laptop, because you get a second, independent way of controlling the desk.


Here is the original article for reference: -


Older versions of the GVISION P15BX-AB work with iLive systems.


The way to differentiate between models which will and will not work correctly is the "configuration" of the unit - which is located on the rear of the GVision screen.


Configuration 23C2-AU43N-GU04-A(G2) works correctly.
Configuration 2CH2-AU47B-GU04-A(G2) does NOT work correctly.

We do not support any current GVISION external touch screens.