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iLive. Port-A (MixRack to Surface) channel allocation and RAB2 surface options
Posted by Leon Phillips, Last modified by on 02 November 2009 12:14 PM

The MixRack to Surface link in iLive is always 64 channels bi-directional capability.
For this connection you can use currently :

A) ES (EtherSound)

The iLive system 'reserves' channels 1-32 in this audio bridge for inputs/outputs at the surface.

What is available in Port-B in the surface RAB can only get its sources by the port-A connection
which is primarily used for the surface I/O plus PAFL and TB lines.

Generally the OUTPUTS page on the screen will show Ch#33 and above available for patching,
however it is possible to utilise channels 1-32 depending on what I/O requirements are needed at the surface.
Obviously if there is hardware I/O present then these channels will appear in the touch-screen GUI.

If you dont need the physical connections to this hardware,
you can make use of any source allocated to it so that it can be used via the option cards at the surface.

A) ES.
Hardware is recognised on bootup. depends on cards fitted in the four slots in the rear of ther surface.
Using ES monitor programme on the network this can be overwritten.

Point to point only with no output option at the surface = closed system
(limited output option via MMO card in surface B) Ch#33-62 out only.

Point to point but has through connection on surface card (AUX BNC).
You could use offline editor config to program channels 1-32 if no physical I/O is present.
In this way >60 channels of MADI are available for record / playback at the iLive surface M-MADI card.

N.B There is limited and fixed patching for the MMO card fitted in port-B of the surface:
Port-A channels 1-32 are used for surface I/O then:

Ch#33=  ADAT #1,
Ch#34 = ADAT #2......

CH#56 = ADAT #24,
Ch#57 = iDR-8 buss #1,
Ch#62 = iDR-8-buss #6,

(Ch#63/64 = PAFL = idr 8-buss #7/8)



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