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iLive and iLive-T Series. Differences
Posted by Leon Phillips, Last modified by on 28 October 2009 12:13 PM
The main differences between iLive and iLive-T are:
  • iLive-T surfaces and the iDR-32 and iDR-48 MixRacks have fixed I/O in number type and location.
    iLive has slots for 8-channels of I/O analogue / digital / multi which can be changed before boot-up.
    iLive is therefore much heavier than the non modular iLive-T surface and MixRacks.

  • iLive-T ships in a carton, iLive modular includes a flightcase in the price.

  • iLive modular MixRacks have option for two internal PSU with redundancy,
    iDR-32 & iDR-48 MixRacks have single internal PSU with option for an external PSU.
    iLive T surface have no backup PSU facility.

  • iLive-T systems have built in ACE (single cat5 cable) connectivity between MixRack and surface.
    In iLive modular you order EtherSound / ACE / MADI for the MixRack / Surface link.
    In this case M-ACE has a two-cat5 redundant feature with data tunneling.

  • iLive-T surfaces and the fixed iDR-32 & iDR-48 MixRacks do not have the phantom power,
    PAFL check, & mute LEDS next to the relevant I/O connections - this is a modular iLive feature.

All systems have 64 input channels and 32 mixes with full DSP, in addition, they have 8 stereo FX engines.

All systems use the same firmware, editor program for PC/MAC, USB library / showfiles.




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