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iLive. USB scene transfer
Posted by Chris Panks, Last modified by on 18 September 2009 09:15 AM

To transfer individual, or multiple scenes to, and from USB stick:

1. Utility - Configuration tab - USB Scene Transfer button.

2. If there is no USB stick inserted, or if the stick isn't going to work for whatever reason,
    there will be a message "No USB Device Found at the top right of the screen.
    Insert a stick to lose the message.

3. The USB stick has to have a show on it. Press the + button to expand the show to show the scenes in that show.

4. You need to highlight an empty scene position on the USB stick into which you will transfer the required scene from the iLive.

5. Now highlight the scene on the iLive that you want to transfer to USB.

NOW...The Multiple and Single buttons below each scene list become crucial to which way you can transfer.
My best advice is to have a go and play with those buttons to see how they affect the direction of transfer.
You can transfer from iLive to USB only / USB to iLive only / or both ways.
Basically if you find you can't transfer in the direction you want to, play with those buttons.

Another thing to look at is the Filter button.
This allows you to select which elements of a scene you want to transfer.
It is theoretically possible (though unlikely) to have all parameters blocked from transfer.