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iLive-T Series. Ping
Posted by Chris Panks, Last modified by on 28 July 2009 03:48 PM
You need to do the network reset descirbed in the PDF.

If the unit will still not connect, you need to connect a laptop with a static IP address of and 'ping'
Touch screen computer
Surface CPU
iDR-32 CPU

To ping iLive T, you see why we need to make sure IP adresses are reset. This is important.

The laptop needs to connect in several different ways to find out where the problem is.
Laptop connects to:
1. iDR-32 network port. Ping iDR-32, surface and touch screen.
2. Surface network port. Ping iDR-32, surface and touch screen.

I always forget how to ping because I do not do it often. Maybe you do too so here is how...
i. Laptop, surface, touch screen and iDR-32 must all be set to good IP addresses.
ii. On Laptop click Start, Run. Type ping. Type a space. Type IP address of the unit you want to ping as described above.

What we want to achieve is all network addresses good, then use ping to fnd out what is not working.