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Xone:62 and Korg Kaoss Pad
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Q: How would I connect and use a Kaoss Pad with the Xone:62?

A: It depends on how you're planning on using the Korg Kaoss pad, but for most effects units and processors, you connect the Aux send from the Xone:62 in to the Kaoss pad input, then connect the output from the Kaoss pad back into a spare stereo channel on the 62

You then dial up the signal that you want to send to the Kaoss with the Aux controls on the mixer. You might decide to send just one or more input channels, or you might decide you might decide you want to send the whole crossfader signal off to be processed by the Kaoss Pad. 

In the first case, turn up just the Aux pots of the channel(s) in question, ensuring that all other Aux send pots (including XFADE TO AUX) are turned down.
In the latter case, ensure that all channel Aux sends are down, and turn up just the XFADE TO AUX pot.

The output of the Kaoss will feed a spare stereo channel input, just like a deck or CDJ in its own right, and will be controlled by the fader. Make especially sure that the channel you are using as the return from the Kaoss has its Aux pot turned down, or you can create a very bizarre 'spin' feedback effect, where the Kaoss starts to process its own output signal. You can choose if you want the Kaoss pad to be affected by the crossfader, or not, but switching the return channels crossfader send in or out.

Experiment to find the best way of working for you. It might benefit you to borrow a Kaoss first before you commit to buying, or get used to using the effects send / return loop with something like a reverb unit first, as although the sound and processing will be different, it is the same effects loop process.

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