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Understanding DEEP and SQ
Posted by Alex Skinner, Last modified by Keith Johnson on 11 December 2018 11:58 AM

What is DEEP?

DEEP processing models real hardware units and can be embedded directly in the channel strip, replacing the stock processing and adding zero latency.
As they are used in place of the stock processing, there is no limitation on the number of instances, so they can be used on every channel.
Various DEEP models are available for purchase as add-ons for SQ at


How to add a plug-in to your SQ:

You will need the serial number (on the back of the unit) and the DNA code (on the 'Utility > General > Add-ons' page).

Go to to get your free Tube Stage Preamp and purchase other add-ons.

Once you check out, go the 'My Account > Downloads' to generate your unique key. Insert your serial number and DNA code and press Generate Key.

Please note:

  • The serial number format should be SQ*X000000 (* = your SQ model number – 5, 6 or 7)
  • The DNA format should be 14 characters long and contain letters and numbers, no spaces or hyphens are needed.
  • You must use the same keys on your keyboard to enter numbers in the duplicate fields.
  • Capitals will always be displayed, but entry is case sensitive.

Once you have generated your key, go back to the Add-ons screen on your SQ.

Press the 'Enter Key' button. Enter the code and press OK to complete the process.


How to use DEEP processing on SQ:

To use your new DEEP unit, view the relevant processing block in the processing screen and press the Library key.

For example, to load the Tube Stage Preamp, view a channel preamp section in the Processing page and press the Library key. Select 'Tube Stage' from the list and then press Recall.

The DEEP unit will then be loaded in place of the standard processing.