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Working with Routing
Posted by Alex Skinner, Last modified by Alex Skinner on 13 February 2018 03:09 PM

Press a fader strip Sel key and press the Routing key under the screen. This displays the routing options for a bank of 8 channels, Direct Out settings, DCA and Mute group assigns, and mix bus settings. The overview shows what assignments, routing, and levels are currently set.

Direct out settings

The Direct Out of a channel is commonly used for recording and networking and it is possible to route this signal to any output bus.

Select the Dir Out block to view global direct out settings. Choose here which stage in the signal the direct out taps from, and fader/mute settings. To the left of the settings is a trim for the direct out level.

DCA/Mute assign

Select the DCA assign and Mute assign block to view the assignments for that channel. Select an assign key to assign that channel to a DCA or Mute group. Select View on a group to display an overview of all channel assignments for a DCA or Mute group, scroll down to view more channels.

Mix Sends

Select the Mix sends block to view the mix assignments, pre/post settings, pan and level settings for that channel.

Pressing the ‘On’ key will route that channel to a mix bus, alternatively press and hold the Assign and CH to All Mix key to view the routing for a selected channel, press the select key to route in or out to a mix.

Pressing the Pre/Post key will determine whether the channel is sent to a mix Pre (before) fader, or Post (after) fader. Alternatively press and hold the Pre-Fade and CH to All Mix to view the Pre/Post settings for a selected channel. When the Sel key is on, the channel is set to Pre, when off, the channel is set to Post.