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Working with FX
Posted by Alex Skinner, Last modified by Alex Skinner on 13 February 2018 03:03 PM

Once an FX engine is loaded into a rack, any input and group can be routed to an FX bus. By default, the blue FX keys above the mix keys are routed to the first 4 FX racks with 4 effects recalled into the racks for quick access.

The FX engines require a send or bus to route audio to the FX and a return channel to bring the effected audio back for processing. There are 4 dedicated FX sends and 8 dedicated FX returns, and by default, the channels are sent post fader to the FX so that when a channel is turned down for the LR mix the effected signal cannot be heard either.

 To send a channel to an FX

  • Select a blue FX key, this flips the channel into ‘sends on fader’.
  • Turn the fader up for the channel you would like the effect on.
  • Press the selected FX key again to return to the LR bus.
  • Turn the FX return fader up to hear the effected channel.

To change an FX engine

  • Select an FX rack
  • Press the library key, to the top left of the screen
  • Scroll through the list by selecting a name and using the screen encoder
  • Press recall

To use FX racks 5-8
  • Press the FX key to view the FX page
  • Select an empty rack (5-8)
  • Load an FX engine into the empty rack
  • Press the Back Panel key (top right of the screen)
  • Press unassigned and select Mix->Return
  • Change the mix bus to Aux and assign to an unused Aux bus.
An FX return channel (5-8) can now be assigned to a channel strip in Setup > Surface > Strip Assign.