Alternative Qu-Drive Stereo Recording
Posted by Keith Johnson, Last modified by Keith Johnson on 21 September 2017 07:17 PM
Sometimes you may want to make a stereo recording of a mix which mostly follows the Main LR mix, but that uses different output processing, levels or that includes microphones you are not sending to the speakers.
This can be useful in many situations, for example, when you want to incorporate an 'ambient' microphone, or compress the mix being recorded.

To do this, you can send a 'copy' of the main mix to a spare stereo mix as follows;
  1. Select the mix you wish to use (eg. Mix 9-10)
  2. Ensure all channels you wish to record are assigned to the mix - To assign all channels at once, go to the Routing screen and press the 'All On' button
  3. Also in the Routing screen, press the 'All Post' button and set 'Channel Source' to 'Post-All'
  4. Adjust the send levels to this mix - To have this mix follow the Main LR mix exactly, set all levels to 0dB (Unity)
  5. In the Processing screen for the selected mix, switch in and adjust any output processing you wish to use (you can use PAFL or the Alt Out to monitor this)
  6. Press the 'Setup' Key and go to 'I/O Patch > USB Audio'
  7. Change USB output channels 17 and 18 to your chosen mix (eg. Mix 9 and Mix 10) - These channels feed the Qu-Drive stereo recording