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iDR. Update from V3.6B
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 30 March 2009 11:42 AM

I have an iDR-8 with SW version 3.6 beta, and PC with v3.61.  iDR-8 will not communicate either via ethernet or serial port.
In either case, the Preferences dialogue gives no options for comms port selection or updating code. Cannot find V3.6beta on the website...

To download the latest version of iDR-System Manager <Click Here>

Can you install V3.6B version on to your computer to confirm that the communications are working when both software versions are the same?

Have you seen the Help File's Code Update Procedure?
You don't use the Preferences dialogue to select the COM port use for updating firmware -
you use the appropriate updater file for HyperTerminal...

Which COM port are you trying to use for this?

We would recommend COM1 or COM2, as these are the default HyperTerminal updater links.
If necessary can you reassign the COM ID on your computer?

The iDR is probably not doing an automatic detection on the existing version number because it is a beta version,
and therefore not a simple arithmetic calculation to determine whether the version is older or newer than the version of System Manager.

One way to try the update via the Network connection is to establish communication via V3.6B,
then select Upload New Program Code... from the menu and then point the updater to whichever version of software you want to install, instead of the default V3.6B...




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