Direct Outs / Qu-Drive & USB Audio
Posted by , Last modified by Keith Johnson on 18 May 2017 01:02 PM

Be default your Qu mixer is set to tap the signal for Qu-Drive and USB Audio from the insert sends, directly after the preamp. There may be scenarios where you will want to include the channel processing and inserts in your USB audio.

You can change this behavior by going to: Setup > I/O Patch > USB Audio

Toggle the CH/ST source from 'Insert Send' to 'Direct Outs' and press 'Apply'.

 You can also set the point in the signal path where the direct outs tap the signal.

Go to: Routing > Press 'Sel' on an Input Channel

The global direct out options are:

  1. Post Preamp
  2. Post Insert
  3. Post EQ
  4. Post Comp
  5. Post Delay

The other global settings here determine whether the direct outs follow faders and mutes.

The 'Direct Out Trim' setting can be individually adjusted for each track.