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XB-14 - What are the differences between the MK1 and MK2
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Q: What are the differences between XB-142 and XB-14?

A: The main improvements are:

  •          Audition button with LED on every channel
  •          Audition bus master rotary control
  •          Mix minus audition feeds on telco channels
  •          Audition button added to USB send and CRM and guest monitor selection bank
  •          Telco channel EQ replaced with total cut variable high pass / low pass filters for filtering out noise from the telephone caller feed
  •          External monitor input level control
  •          Enhanced Mic pre-amps for lower noise & better bandwidth
  •          Enhanced stereo channel gain and EQ
  •          Matt paint finish to reduce surface reflections

More infomation can be found on the product pages:
MK2 : 
MK1 :        (discontinued)


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