-18dBFS and metering in Qu and your DAW
Posted by , Last modified by Keith Johnson on 16 May 2017 01:49 PM

This difference is caused by different dB values used in digital and analogue domains and in DAW recording programs.

Qu is operating at -18dBFS in the digital domain. This is normal and allows for headroom in the conversion stage to avoid clipping / digital distortion.
0dB on our LR meter equals +4dBu on analogue output.

DAW meters usually show values in dBFS (Full Scale) where 0 dBFS means the maximum value which can not be exceeded.
If the meters on the Qu show 0dB this will equate to -18dB in your DAW.

Here is another explanation:

You can normalise audio after recording in most DAW programs.

For live streaming / web-casting, check if the program has an input trim or you could use a 1:1 ration and make-up gain in compression on your LR mix output.