Important Xone:DB2 and Apple Mac Compatibility Information
Posted by Al Crombie on 21 January 2015 02:21 PM

Random audio dropouts can occur when using a Xone:DB2 with some early USB3 enabled Apple Macs. This is due to a hardware incompatibility issue and, following extensive research, we have reluctantly reached the conclusion that it cannot be fixed via software.

The Macs that are incompatible have the following model identifiers:

MacBook Pro

MacBookPro 10, 1: 15"
MacBookPro 10.2: 13"
MacBookPro 9.1: 15"
MacBookPro 9.2: 13"

MacBookAir 5.1: 11"
MacBookAir 5.2: 13"

iMac13.2: 27"
iMac13.1: 21.5"
iMac13.3: 21.5"

Mac Mini

To determine the model identifier of your Mac follow the instructions here:

Xone:DB2 users will NOT experience this issue with Mac models that are not listed above.


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