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How do I access my iLive event logs?
Posted by Ben Morgan on 09 July 2014 10:11 AM

Surface Method

If you have an iLive surface connected to your iDR mixrack then follow these instructions:

  •  Insert a USB key into a spare USB socket on the surface
  •  Press the Utility button
  •  Press the Diagnostics button (on screen)
  •  Press the Event Logs button (on screen)
  •  Press Store all logs to USB (on screen)

The logs are now stored on your USB key in the directory


Editor Method

If you do not have a surface connect to your iDR mixrack then connect a computer running iLive Editor software and then follow these instructions:

  • Select the Help menu
  • Click Status
  • Click Event Logs
  • Click Save Logs

You can now select where you want to store the logs.