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I have been asked to adjust the setting on a DR66 mixer and need the software to do it,
I had a look on your website but couldn't find any links for the software.
Could you please send me the software or a link for it?

The DR66 and DR128 are legacy products now, and information on the hardware can be found on these links to our Old Products section of the website:

The installed version of firmware in the DR66 can be ascertained by pressing and holding ESC on the front panel of the unit, 
after which the main operating firmware version will be displayed. You should install this version on your computer,
and use this version to communicate with the DR66.

Once in communication, archive the current settings using the 'Archive Configuration' function from the File menu.
Once you have at least one copy of this file stored safely, to which you can always revert should you need to,
you can consider updating to the latest applicable version.

If the unit is currently at V1.xx, we would recommend going to V1.83.
If the unit is currently at V2.xx, we would recommend going to V2.13.

Changing major firmware versions has implications for several aspects of the code and programming, especially if the system works with external control systems.
If the system is currently on V1.xx, we can advise you of the implications of going to V2.13 firmware.


The WinDR System Manager software includes the code for updating installed firmware.
All you need on your computer is a valid serial port, or serial port adapter (COM1 or COM2 ideally),

a suitable straight-through RS-232 cable, and the relevant version of WinDR System Manager.



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